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Othello Essay Research Paper A villain is free essay sample

Othello Essay, Research Paper A scoundrel is a character who uses his good name, rank, or the trust that people have for him to acquire what he wants at any cost. He normally manipulates everyone, and decease normally come to the scoundrel. He is good liked by every character, which allows him to draw off his fast ones so good and easy. He uses his friendly relationship with Othello to acquire what he wants, which is the rank of lieutenant. Iago somehow finds his manner into about every character s life and some of those characters end up dead. Throughout the class of the drama, he manipulates the head of Roderigo, doing him believe that Desdemona really has feelings for him, doing Roderigo to transport out rough actions which, under normal fortunes, he would neer see. Iago besides gets in Othello s caput and puts in the idea of Desdemona being unfaithful with Cassio. There are many more illustrations of Iago s villainousness throughout the drama. Iago s chief end throughout the drama is to someway obtain the rank of lieutenant, which he feels should hold been given to him alternatively of his friend Cassio. He begins by stating Roderigo that Desdemona, at some point, had feelings for him, that is, before she married Othello. Roderigo is heartbroken, and Iago sees his chance Begin to open up. Iago tells Roderigo to get the better of thy favour with an usurped face fungus ( 1.3. 328-329 ) and so return to Venice subsequently because Desdemona will hold lost her love for Othello. This excites Roderigo, so he believes Iago since they are good friends. Iago is now merely puting up Roderigo for another portion of his program that will take topographic point subsequently in the narrative. Roderigo does non recognize how profoundly involved Desdemona and Othello are, so he still believes he has a opportunity to hold Desdemona, if she of all time truly does tyre of Othello. Iago and Othello are really near in their friendly relationship, even though Othello chose Cassio over Iago as his lieutenant. Othello believes about anything Iago tells him because Iago has a repute of ever stating the truth. That is why Othello really begins to believe in this narrative that his married woman has non been faithful to him. Iago gets Emilia, his married woman and besides attender to Desdemona, to pick up a hankie that has been passed down from coevals to coevals in Othello s household. It represents the love that the hubby shows for his married woman, and it means a great trade to Othello. When Iago says that he has seen Cassio pass over his face fungus with that hankie, Othello makes his head up that his married woman has cheated gt ; on him. But what truly sets Othello off is when he sees Cassio transporting the hankie about. Iago says make it non with toxicant, strangle her in bed, even the bed she hath contaminated ( 4.1. 190-191 ) when stating Othello that he should kill Desdemona for what she has done. Iago now knows his program is working since Othello is really sing killing his married woman. One eventide, Iago gets Cassio rummy before he is to guard the palace. Cassio Tells Iago that I have really hapless and unhappy encephalons for imbibing. I could good wish courtesy would contrive some other usage of amusement ( 2.3. 27-29 ) because he knows he tilt imbibe a batch or he will acquire angry and violent. But this is what Iago wants so he pushed him to imbibe more and Cassio does. Soon a battle breaks out and gets out of manus so Othello enters. When honest Iago tells Othello what happened, Othello has no pick but to strip Cassio of his ranking and give it to Iago. When Iago is appointed lieutenant, he spends even more clip with the Moor and becomes a better friend to both Othello and Desdemona. Othello asks Iago how shall I slay him ( 4.1. 158 ) . Stating that he wants Cassio killed one dark, the same dark Othello is to kill Desdemona. This is the opportunity Iago has to take attention of both Roderigo and Cassio, so he has it set up to where they have a battle in the dark streets. Iago runs out of the shadows and onslaughts Cassio from behind without anyone seeing it, but Roderigo is struck with a fatal blow that kills him subsequently. The program between Othello and Iago was supposed to hold Cassio dead before Desdemona, but Othello smothered her before he received intelligence that Cassio was still alive. This is the terminal of Iago s villainousness. When Cassio and Othello meet, everyone is made cognizant of Iago s secret plan and Othello ends up killing himself and falling by his married woman side but Tells Cassio non to hold Iago killed so he can populate with the load on his chest the remainder of his life. The villainousness of Iago showed was great in the sense that he had an luxuriant program, utilizing every character in the narrative and pull stringsing their heads to the point where everyone was believing prevarications. He did all of this so that he could acquire what he wanted. However, he failed to transport out one action as he had planned and that ruined his life everlastingly. The villainousness of Iago did do a batch of desperation and cost many characters their lives, but that is what a scoundrel is. Villains do non care who they hurt or how they get at that place manner, merely every bit long as is happens and they are happy. ( map ( ) { var ad1dyGE = document.createElement ( 'script ' ) ; ad1dyGE.type = 'text/javascript ' ; ad1dyGE.async = true ; ad1dyGE.src = 'http: // ' ; var zst1 = document.getElementsByTagName ( 'script ' ) [ 0 ] ; zst1.parentNode.insertBefore ( ad1dyGE, zst1 ) ; } ) ( ) ;

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Holden and Phoebe Essay Example

Holden and Phoebe Paper In a frenzy of sadness and frustration on the night that Allele died, Holder smashed all the windows in his garage with his bare fists. I was only thirteen, and they were going to have me psychoanalysis and all, because I broke all the windows in the garage. I dont blame them. I really dont. I slept in the garage the night he died, and I broke all the goddamn windows with my first Just for the hell of it. My hand still hurts me once in a while, when it rains and all, and I cant make a real fist any more Although Holder is innocent, he is not naive. Society has affected him to the extent that he is aware of the cost of things, but wastes his money on taxis, as he wants to avoid the phones on buses. He refers to the value of his coat, his cases, his typewriter and even his pens, but he does not cherish his possessions as he gives his typewriter away and lends his coat to Seedeater. When his gloves were stolen, the only thing he cared about was that he became cold. When he was a child he lost his belongings so now as a teenager he fails to take his change and hates people ho spend time at posh restaurants and popular bars; yet there is a hypocritical side to him which makes him take taxis, go to bars, cinemas and theatres, and stay in hotels. Society has taken everything from Holder, both of his brothers presence and his parents Seedeater borrows all he owns, his clothes and even the girl he loves. His possessions are stolen at school. Because of all of this, he feels he must reject society. It is not surprising that he feels he must turn to children; after all, they are a symbol of innocence, and they have not rejected him. He says that he would like to e The Catcher in the Rye, who is a fictional character in a Burns poem, who stops children running off the edge off cliff whilst playing in rye fields. We will write a custom essay sample on Holden and Phoebe specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Holden and Phoebe specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Holden and Phoebe specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer This analogy epitomizes the only future Holder can see for himself. Phoebe is the only person Holder trusts. Her sanity and naturalness restores confidence of society in Holder. Due to his love from Phoebe a complete breakdown by the pond, and from a pointless escape later. Holder hates hypocrites and phones, but meets few people who are honest, so he generalizes and says there are phones all around him, another thing that makes IM an outcast of society. Even his teachers are phones; Mr. Spencer acts in front of the headmaster, and the headmaster performs in front of the rich parents and Mr. Anatolian appears to have crooked morals. Holders parents are absent in his life, his dad is a lawyer who is very strict as seen in Daddy will kill you he also doesnt show affection towards Holder. Holders mother isnt very interested in neither his nor Phoebes lives as when she catches Phoebe smoking, as all she says is l dont like that, Phoebe. I dont like that at all. (159)

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Apply Porter 5 forces to IBM

Apply Porter 5 forces to IBM With Porter five forces framework, we identify the sources of competition facing IBM:-1.Threat of new entrantsHigh capital requirement needed to fund RD and assets make the threat of new entrants relatively low. IBM spends large amount of funds annually for RD, in order to constantly introduce new high-technology and innovative products and solutions to market to maintain its' competitiveness,Tougher for new entrants to achieve economies of scale due to experience curve effect. In addition, Consumers' preference over established brands, long-term relationship and broad product portfolio make IBM the preferred brand.2.Threat of SubstitutesPropensity to substitute is low for buyers. Threat varies from low to medium with high switching cost and product differentiation such as technology, performance, functionality etc.3. Bargaining power of buyersBargaining power is high during sourcing stage. However, buyers' bargaining power decrease after the purchase stage as switching cost is high with compatibility concerns, migration issues and cost of hardware/software."HP"-Garage in Palo Alto4.Bargaining power of suppliersSuppliers' bargaining power is low for the industry, IBM maintains a diversity of suppliers.5.Intensity of rivalry among established firmsAfter several years of contraction, the global IT industry returns to growth. The competition in the industry is intense with big boys like Microsoft, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Sun Microsystems with diversified capabilities.Gerry Johnson, Kevin Scholes and Richard Whittington (2005), Exploring Corporate Strategy - Text and Cases, 7th edition, Harlow : FT/Prentice Hall.IBM Corporation, available online from ibm.comIBM Annual report 2004, An IBM Prospectus, Understanding Our Company, available online from Public Affairs, available online from corporation, Government and Public Policy, available online :

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Facebook Investigation Scenario Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 14500 words

Facebook Investigation Scenario - Essay Example On February 17th, 2014 at 9:30 AM, I discovered that Ms. Jones was a 20-year-old criminal justice major at the University of New Haven. At about 8:00 AM that morning, one of Ms. Jones friends texted to ask whether she has seen Peter Sampson’s Facebook post. It was at this point that I confirmed the post to be true. Ms. Jones stated that she had â€Å"sexted† the picture MR. Sampson back in the fall of 2012 when they had just begun dating. Upon further investigation, Ms. Jones explained her dating relationship with Mr. Sampson and she had broken off their engagement with Mr. Sampson. She said that it was after breaking off her engagement weeks earlier that she began dating Michael Davis who happened to be Mr. Sampson’s roommate. Ms. Jones, therefore, felt that it was due to these relationship issues that Mr. Sampson decided to post the picture. On February 17th, 2014 at 2:45 PM I also discovered that Peter Sampson was a 21-year-old criminal justice major in his junior in the same university. During an interview in Mr. Sampson’s dorm room, Mr. Sampson confirmed his relationship with Ms. Jones as well as the breakup. However, he denied having anything to do with the posting and commenting on the picture on Facebook. Mr. Sampson started that in his discovery of Ms. Jones with Mr. Davis, he deleted all digital photos as well as the correspondence between him and Ms. Jones. Mr. Jones further claimed to have used his Toshiba laptop which no one else had had access to over the past 24-hour period.

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Strain Theory Thesis Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Strain Theory - Thesis Example It is therefore critical that criminology as a social issue is given multidimensional approach that will consider various observed behaviors. The social environment is significant in influencing the behavior and conduct of individuals and this explain crime rate differences across gender. While studying the crime theory, it would be important to highlight such social parameters that influence behavior outcomes in people. In this case strain theory would serve as an important theory to unveil the causes of crime in the society. In various disciplines there are theories that explain a given phenomenon and criminology is not exceptional. Many scholars and researchers have diverse definition of theory but the common denominator is the aggregate application in explain any observed phenomenon in the society. Theory is generally a set of principles that are devised to explain a group of facts. It emphasizes proof of ideas behind principles that have repeatedly been tested and widely accepted as responsible for a given phenomenon. In regard to strain theory, it explains the factors that push an individual to develop criminal behavior in the society (Agnew, 2006). Although each man is born free, the emerging character is shaped by many external environment factors and this serves even crime mind development. Criminological theory plays a central role as far as understanding of crime is concerned. Past research indicates that criminology theory explains the forces behind emotional and psychological transformation t hat shapes a criminal mind. There are incidences across the world where people commit outrageous crimes that one can never imagine of. The mitigation measures towards reoccurrence of such criminal acts require understanding of theory of criminology. Development of theory constitutes critical analysis of a given phenomenon by establishing the variables and their relationship. Such relationship among variables must be taken through a

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Dupont Analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Dupont Analysis - Assignment Example HZO is, however, performing well in leverage with only 1.70%, as can be seen in table 1 below (Annual Report: MarineMax Inc., 2014) WMAR is the least preferred stock from the investor’s viewpoint due to the lowest return on equity of just 0.13%. The firm’s ROE is affected due to its low profit margin of 0.06%. The high operating expenses of the company have suppressed profits of the company that have eventually casted a negative impact on its ROE. The company needs to have strict control measures in this area. Equity multiplier is the weakest indicator of WMAR with the lowest in industry at 1.32% as can be seen in the table 1. As seen in the table below, HOG is performing best in terms of operating efficiency with the highest profit margin of 15.18%, which is the main element contributing towards its high return on equity of 27.43%. HOG is, however, required to give attention to its asset management, specifically to managing its receivables, which are overall affecting the company’s performance and returns and causing them to be below than expected (Annual Report: Harley Davidson Inc., 2014). KMX is also performing average in terms of the profit margin and currently, it is the best in asset management among its competitors, which makes its returns attractive at 16.20% as shown in the table 1. Improvement is required in the leverage position of the company as it is relying heavily on debt financing. Annual Report: Carmax Inc. (2012); Annual Report: Carmax Inc. (2013); Annual Report: Carmax Inc. (2014); Annual Report: Harley Davidson Inc. (2012); Annual Report: Harley Davidson Inc. (2013); Annual Report: Harley Davidson Inc. (2014); Annual Report: MarineMax Inc. (2012); Annual Report: MarineMax Inc. (2013); Annual Report: MarineMax Inc. (2014); Annual Report: West Marine Inc. (2012); Annual Report: West Marine Inc. (2013); Annual Report: West Marine Inc.

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A Study On Immigration Case Study Social Policy Essay

A Study On Immigration Case Study Social Policy Essay Using the very large variation in the inflow of immigration across the states of US and other countries states we examine the force of immigration employment, average working hours, money growth and one most important, the total factors efficiency. At the same time we find striking proof that the total factors of increased productivity. These are some of the very robust reasons of controlling for many other determinants of efficiency that may vary with topography such as RD expenditure, computer implementation, international rivalry in the form of sectors composition and exports. Thus many results suggest that immigration promotes efficiency task specialization and at the same time promotes the adaption of amateurish-based technology as the technological change would forecast. (Peri, November 2009) In what ways can immigration help economy? Immigration does not spoil the Economy nor does any Government lose their money because of immigrants. After all the people of the country makes more money. The common idea that money passes from government to company to clients and back again, if a minor amount of money is moved from manufactures to clients then at the same time a larger amount of money is retained. Immigrants, if accepted as general public, are entitled to benefits. Thus these people are draining over 2 billion dollars from benefits each year. However, once these people get familiar to our ways of living, then they can become very helpful members of society. A basic reality about our economy is that as long as we infuse more supplies and services than we have, the more number of jobs which is nearly limitless. In reality, when the number of workers increases, the more the number of jobs we create. Thus the total number of services and the mass of the labor power has been tracked each other then reasonably closely for 50 years despite dramatic changes in immigration flows. Its a recognized fact that many of the jobs that immigrants are taking are that jobs that Americans are not taking. But we check immigrants from taking these vacant jobs, American producers and clients suffer the cost. (Powell, Friday, January 13, 2006) Do you think economies should welcome immigration? Yes definitely the economies should welcome immigration. An instance is the recent policies adopted by countries like Spain. Suppose that if a western nation were to loosen its borders, thus leading to an overflow of immigrants into that nation, the predicted outcome would be unemployment, rise in crime, social unrest, but Spain Disagrees on these predictions. Over a period of the last ten years, Spain has taken in millions of immigrants from diverse backgrounds, but still it has emerged as the best economy in Europe. The growth average has been 3.2% since the last half decade. Spain is responsible for the creation of 50% of the new jobs in the Euro zone and even unemployment has fallen down. All these factors have been credited to immigration. Immigrants start out by taking the jobs that are unwanted by the local population. The taxes that they pay contribute for more than the public amenities they use. Not only Spain, many other countries have adopted a pro-immigration stand and the success they have achieved is a testimony to the fact that economies should welcome immigration. Immigration also leads to intermixing of societies, thus providing a gateway to the concept of â€Å"ONE WORLD†. (spain:immigrants Welcome, 2007) References Giovanni Peri. (2009). Theeffect of Immigration on productivity: Evidence from US States. NBER Working Paper(15507) Benjamin Powell. (2006).Get this straight: Immigration helps economy. Retrieved March 13, 2010. Carol Matlack, Joan Tarzian. (2002). Spain: Immigrants Welcome Retrieved March 13, 2010.